NOTE: I’ll start right off and say that I do not consider this a blog. Yes, yes, I know that there are photos and text and that it’s online and all that, but I do not believe that what will be on these pages will be of interest to everyone, or that I have a particular statement to make about anything. I’m not selling anything. I’m not promoting anything. I also don’t want to consider it an “online journal” either. I’m not planning to get all that personal. So what is this? Well, in my journey of parenthood so far, there have been days, moments that were tear-your-hair-out crazy. When I really wanted to hang it all up. But there have also been many, many days, moments (sometimes a second after a bad moment) when I was blown away by the lessons and blessings my children give me. It never ceases to amaze me.

So my intention for this space is to give myself a way to remember the joy that I find in being a mother. A mama. My hope is that this will also serve as an incentive to seek out or carve out the time to create uplifting memories that will linger here, and that someday my children will also be able to use it to remember. The fact that it’s online simply allows me to share a little slice of our lives with those who are close to us.

Here’s hoping that those intentions come to fruition, and that these snapshots of life as I see it will do justice to my sons who inspire me to do my best every day.

Thank you for reading!