A few times a year, the Lombards take a massive tumble down the illness abyss. It always begins with one of the boys, and usually Matt and I are able to thwart the nasty germs from embedding themselves in us, but occasionally we aren't, no matter how much prevention we do. Everyone in the house gets sick, and it begins a week-long interruption of school, work, and life, until the last sick one is up and running again. 

This time it began with Mateo and his usual drippies, but then Nico caught some horror of a stomach virus that laid him out like a newborn. I know my sons love me, but the only time one of them will stayed curled up on my lap longer than 2 minutes is when they're sick. This photo of Nico is how he stayed–asleep on my left shoulder for two straight days. Never mind the black circle under my eye. I'm the one pulling up the rear on the week of sick this time, and hopefully all will be well again in the next day or two, or three.