Sorry I've been so quiet the past week, I've been suffering yet another sickness, more antibiotics, etc., etc. But now onto better things. 

Well I guess you know you've officially entered the realm of hardcore "mamahood" when you pick up some knitting needles and try to actually make something with them. I have to confess, this was not something that has always interested me (unlike, say, learning a musical instrument which I've tried and it was just too overwhelming at this point in my life), but I have always taken pleasure in making things myself if I can. Over the years, I kept hearing women talk about the meditative aspect of knitting and the intense satisfaction that can come from completing a project. While I'm a person who's inclined to meditate each day, it doesn't always happen, so I thought well, knitting may help focus my mind and I can make the boys a blanket or a hat or something in the process. 

My first class was last week, and it was actually fun, although since I've brought the above project home, the perfectionistic side of me has ripped it all out and started over about 10 times. One surprise, which may not be a surprise to most, is how much of a social, women-gathering activity this is. I went in to buy some needles from a store the other day, and there were 6 or 7 women of all ages around the table creating together.  Us mothers could all use a little more of that in our lives, knitting or not, don't ya think? 

We'll see how it goes, and I'll (hopefully) be back soon to show whatever this brown ball turns into.