While Thanksgiving Day this year was little too hectic for picture taking, we still found lots to be thankful for on our little Holiday break. There was the perfect cool dessert day that we used to hike through the Indian Canyon in Palm Springs the day after Thanksgiving. There was the romantic night walk through the place where Matt and I got married 6 years ago, that as we walked through, the wind began to blow down the mountains, creating an invigorating mix of hot and cold air that left us feeling pretty invigorated. There was the beautiful dinner made for us by our friends John and Leah, who's lemon semolina cookies we're still talking about and savoring. There was the day where Mateo could really, truly say he could ride a bike without training wheels. There was also the day he got his first tooth filling and his first shot of novocain. And there was his chuckling Mama who took his picture as he tried to smile through a numb mouth. Indeed it was four very full days. Thanksgiving or not, I find myself counting my blessings almost each and every day for all that fullness.