This was the scene at my house this morning, Mateo taking a peaceful nap as he worked his way through a pretty mild stomach bug. While I lie there with him, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with sadness for all of the people suffering such extraordinary losses in Haiti. Each day the stories just get more bleak. This morning there was the reporter who broke down while covering a woman who was wailing in the streets after she lost four of her children in the quake, and lost her fifth at a hospital sometime later.


There was a piece in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times this week by Pooja Bhatia entitled, “Haiti’s Angry God.” In it she writes, “If God exists, he’s really got it in for Haiti.”  How could this be true? How can a people, who already existed in what had been declared the “Slum of the Earth”, had just survived the crushing aftermath of a major hurricane, now be faced with the almost complete destruction of their lives? Where do they go from here?  

We’ve donated money to Partners in Health, in hopes that it will make it there. This morning, the boys and I lit a candle in recognition. I try to send out some healing energy. Such small things, but I’m told it all matters. We shall see.