We are bracing for a some serious rain here in Southern California this week. In our world, this is winter. So this weekend here was lots of baking in an attempt to keep our insides warm. There was No-Knead Bread, a chocolate cinnamon coffee cake, and a wild mushroom and ricotta savory pie. The last two did not get photographed for some reason before they were promptly eaten. Oh well. Guess we'll just have the make them again.  

We also braved a pretty crazy rainstorm for the MLK Jr. parade yesterday. We were all soaked, and the parade left a little to be desired (it seemed to be mostly for the LAPD and LAFD), but it still meant so much to hear his words at one point echoing down the route. Leading up to today, the boys listened to a handful of Dr. King's speeches, and as I expected, there were lots of questions about who he was, where he is now (Nico kept waiting to see him at the parade), why was there segregation, and why a group of people didn't like a different group of people because of what they looked like. We've had some children's books on MLK waiting in the wings for this very moment in time when they were old enough to begin to understand what he was about. Amazing how powerful Dr. King was and still is, in that he can capture the imagination of even the littlest of people.