With so many days of rain, there was an instinctual urge to go inside and not come out until the clouds parted. Not entirely realistic, but we stayed in as much as we could. There was something very comforting and novel about it, given our perpetually lovely weather here in Southern Cali, and how much of our lives is spent outdoors. One afternoon we built a fort based on Todd Oldham's very cool book, Kid Made Modern. Once it was done, the boys and I crawled inside, covered ourselves with blankets and listened to the rain. It may have been a tight fit, but it was cozy indeed. Not long after that, they took to their rambunctious selves and proceeded to turn our lovely little hideout into the Deathstar. But it's gotten some pretty serious use since, and I've had to reinforce it more than once. With more rain on the way this week, perhaps I can steal a little more time inside of it with them. 

The rain stopped just in time for the weekend, and I was delighted with the clean air and clear skies that come to us after a storm. On Sunday there was not a cloud in the sky. We ventured to Lake Shrine, a place we hadn't been to in some time, and walked the lake and fed the birds, and picked up some very good wisdom along the way.  The ground was still moist, the flowers were bright and still glistening, the air was sweet, and after such ferocity in the air, all seemed calm. It was a perfect contrast, and a great way to begin the week.