Just last night, little Nico ran to me in the kitchen crying out "Mama! Mama! Come look at the sky!" "Okay," I said, "Just let me finish chopping these onions." "No, Mama," he said. "Come see the sky! It's beautiful." He literally grabbed my finger and pulled me toward the window, where there was some serious sun-setting going on. The boys and I stood there for a few minutes, then Mateo said, "Look at all those tiny arms!" I didn't know what he was talking about until I saw he was looking at the tree. 

But lately Nico's been pointing out the beauty of the world to me quite a bit lately. Usually it happens when he and I are alone in the car. We'll both be quiet, listening to music, looking out the window, and suddenly Nico will call out for me to notice the magenta flowers, or the choppy white caps in the ocean, or a suspended hummingbird . He says it with such gentleness that says this is information that I know will make you happy Mom, as he smiles away, glancing out the window to look for more.