The other day I had the great fortune of spending an entire day with my oldest boy. It's rare. During the weekends, we try to spend as much time as a whole family, and that time together has become very important to all of us. So it's usually when the boys have an extended time off from school, that I or Matt get to create a day just for them. 

For Mateo that meant going to the California Science Center where we saw the America I Am exhibit there before it packs up. We walked about what the middle passage was, to who the Buffalo Soldiers were to who Little Richard was. Next we put on some funky 3-D glasses for the spectacular IMAX movie on the Hubble Telescope

After a bite of pizza, we headed to the LA County Museum of Art (or LACMA as we call it around here) and talked about paintings from the time of the Revolution to Jackson Pollack. He was curious about everything: "What was the name of the artist? (asked with every painting)" "Are the sharks going to eat the man?" "They had guns way back then?" Then we hid and chased each other through the street lamp installation. It was a fantastic time. We caught up on so much, on things that he normally is too busy or distracted to elaborate on. It was also a chance for me to take a moment, out of our busy lives, to really see just how special this boy of mine is truly becoming.