new trampoline for the boys/making a seed stitch scarf/tulips/fort building/drawings from our Winter Solstice celebration/books left everywhere/millet muffins

After a flurry of holiday making, baking, celebrating, gifting, and visiting, we made it a priority these last couple of days to simply be…at home and enjoy the comfort that can bring, especially when it's still a relatively new home at that. As the last hours of 2011 unwind, I find myself not in such a reflective mood this year. It feels more right to keep looking forward to the big changes that are to come, to all that we have in store, and how this new home of ours will further reflect who we are and what matters most to us: family, community, cultivating and creating our own food, DIY when its practical, exploring the world, comfort, creativity, and love. 

Here's to a joyous and fulfilling 2012.