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One day Mateo and Nico both came home pleading for diaries. With locks. They were adamant that they had special thoughts and plans they needed to keep in a secret place. So soon we were online looking for just the right ones. I was a little surprised by their excitement when for the next two days they kept asking what was taking so long for them to arrive. Since then, I can't say that I've noticed a lot of diary writing going on. I do believe it was more of an interest in a cool book with a lock and a key.

But it got me thinking of ways to encourage them to write in those diaries. And so the idea for a family writing club was born. I imagined something we could do each week, all four (and soon enough five) of us, as a way to not only hone the physical act of writing, but also to take the opportunity to discover the delicate art of putting emotions on paper. Now each Monday night we gather, membership cards in hand, to discover a little more about ourselves and each other. So far topics have ranged from, "what does your perfect day look like?" to "your most favorite memory with a friend." 

So far the boys have been taking it seriously, sharpening their pencils until they are extra sharp, and arriving to the table with great enthusiasm. I have to say, in the little time since we've embarked on this activity, I've learned a little something new about each of us (Papa Lombard included).

My hope is that as they begin to find their internal voice they discover just how life-saving writing can be.