…there are projects all over the place. As someone who loves to make stuff, it's safe to say this is my favorite time of year in that regard. I can easily overwhelm myself with too new many ideas on top of the traditional things we do each year. It becomes a season for many, many lists. But I do really enjoy it, and there's no other way I'd like it to be.


Our advent calendar made it up again with tiny treats, toys and little notes for different activities.



Gingerbread houses were made. Each year the skill and patience get just a little bit more…refined.


Cards have been mailed.


I am looking forward to not one, but two holiday piano recitals this weekend. 

DSC_0303 2

The cookie gift process has begun. Baking books have been pored over, recipes that didn't make the cut last year have been revisited, something that looks really good can be easily replaced with something that looks even tastier. The choices are endless. Everything just looks too good.


The wreath is hanging,


The tree has been lit, 


And I think we're all ready for some more hot chocolate.