The world lost one of it's bright lights yesterday with the passing of Pete Seeger.

I had never heard of the extraordinary Pete Seeger until my husband introduced his music to me back when Mateo was just a baby. Matt's mother had introduced him to Pete as a child, likely as her parents had done for her. His music was folk in the purest sense–sounds of and for the people, and while his lyrics often spoke of the world's injustices, they also illuminated the power of community and song. His theory was that songs have power when sung in groups. Not just in churches, but anywhere out in the world. They were tools for social change. But he also wrote wonderful songs and stories for children that seem just as listenable and relevant today as they were 50 years ago.

There are many Pete Seeger favorites around our house, "Michael Rode the Boat Ashore," "Sam, The Whaler," "Abiyoyo," "Turn, Turn, Turn," "Sweet Little Baby," among them. I know my children have memories and a connection to his music and that feels like such a gift.

Rest in peace, Pete. You're irreplaceable.