Spring is here. Although to most people who don’t live in Southern California, the distinction between the seasons may seem to come down to the difference of a few degrees. We feel it, however subtle. Hummingbirds are darting through the petals in front of my desk window. The bright pink bougainvillea¬†flowers that lie dormant in winter begin to soak their color all over the city once again. Fog begins to roll in off the beach around dinnertime. As the days get longer, we can sometimes make it to the beach to watch the sunset, and bedtime often comes just as the night begins.







Spring is usually a time for gardening, of course. We have admittedly been lazy with our little garden this year, and it has been mostly quiet, save for some red onions and strawberries. But with tomato seedling time upon us, we took the opportunity to put some funky heirloom varieties in the ground, along with some Persian cucumbers, wild arugula, ginger mint, and other greens and herbs.

Come summer, we should have a tomato explosion if all goes well. Then there will be the question of just what to do with it all. Can it for marinara sauce, salsa, bruschetta? Sounds so good and so far away.