DSC_5051Before I get to our recent trip to NYC, I wanted to thank the very lovely ladies at Wooden Spoons Kitchen for redesigning this little site of mine, and for helping to make it something I could really be proud of! Thank you, Erin and Melissa.DSC_5039As always, going back to NYC is a bit like going home. For those who know me, that’s not a surprise. And even though I moved away almost 10 years ago, it’s as though there’s still a space for me there each time I return. It’s the city that most appears in my dreams. It’s a city that still represents discovery and possibility perhaps more than any other. I know I may only be able to say this from my nice, sunny spot in California, but nonetheless…DSC_5018Luckily (or not), I do believe my children feel the same. My oldest both talk of moving there once they’re ready to head to college. Hard to imagine it now, but I had the same vision when I wasn’t much older.DSC_5036There was Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, a first Broadway Show (Wicked), a side trip to New Haven to spend time with friends, braving the crowds at MoMA for the Björk exhibit, countless naughty and amazing meals, and lots of visits with more friends we wish we could see so much more regularly. There were also some pretty dramatic sights of destruction, with the remains of a gas explosion that had taken place only one building away from where we stayed, and with a visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum that Mateo and Nico asked to see, and that I wondered would be too intense. But we were able to sidestep the rougher parts, and marvel at what remained. DSC_5236




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DSC_5235There was also a birthday for an amazing little boy who happily turned 3. If there was ever a boy who wanted to get older as fast as possible, it’s Jude.  He is sunshine. DSC_5161