Mt. Baldy 2016-16

That snow like this could be found anywhere in now 90-degrees-in-February Los Angeles, but it really was there just a couple of weeks ago in Mt. Baldy. My children have been deprived of seeing snow more than once in their lives, literally, because it always feels like such a big undertaking. Rounding up the right snow gear, borrowing what we can, having to search for the rest. But this little day trip did prove that it really is worth it in the end.

Mt. Baldy 2016-18

Mt. Baldy 2016-15

Mt. Baldy 2016-20

Mt. Baldy 2016-5

Mt. Baldy 2016-9

Mt. Baldy 2016-21

Mt. Baldy 2016-24

It’s also hard to believe it’s been so many months since I’ve checked in here. I’ve gotten more than a few loving emails asking if I had given up this little site, but the truth is, I just haven’t felt as inspired either with my photography or with sharing what I do take here. I do like that I’m not beholden to this as a source of income, as some bloggers are, so that I can take a break and come back only when it feels right. I’m feeling like I’m emerging out of my creative desert.

It may also be because of this not so little thing that I’ve been cooking up for the last 8 months:


Baby number 4!