We're still in transition as we await all of the final details on our house to be done. Every day, the our move-in date seems to push itself back and back and back as we sort through the mountain of details yet to be completed. So in the meantime, we are still in a state of suspension in our little apartment, making a home out of something that is not our home. It's been tight, given we are living with what is the bare minimum for us. But this state of suspension, during these summer months, has made it all seem like a little break, even though our everyday lives still continue at full speed. Hope that makes sense….

All of that has allowed us to open up our daily routine a bit. Almost every night after dinner, with the sun still hanging low in the sky, we take a walk. Most nights, in fact every night, we've been pulled to the ocean. Sometimes we head north to the pier, sometimes we head south to Venice. But each time, it is an opportunity to release the day, pull in some fresh air, and it allows us to keep exploring our new neighborhood. In just these past few weeks we've become more connected to our neighborhood in ways we never did in all the years we spent in our last home. Funny how a simple change in environment can do that.

I have a feeling this will now be a sacred evening tradition for us, especially during the warm and light spring and summer months. It's something so simple, holding my children's hands, watching them chase each other around trees and jump barefoot into the beach sand, reconnecting with my husband, running into friends and neighbors. So simple, yet so lovely.