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During summer, I really can’t think of a better meal than fresh tomatoes and some mozzerella cheese. And after all my years of creating this delicacy, I can finally call these tomatoes my own–beautiful heirlooms that have proliferated and hung heavy on the vines. They have grown so full that we often have to pick them before they split right open. So here we are in the midst of tomato mania, happily slurping down their sweet tangyness with everything from sandwiches and salads to pairing with ripe peaches (and red onion and cilantro). Sometimes even with just a dash of soy sauce. If you can, pair this recipe with some toasted, crusty sourdough bread. If nothing else, consider it a vehicle to soak up all the left over juices.

Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad

1 1/2-pounds ripe heirloom tomatoes sliced thick (I like a mix of big and cherries)

2 pounds Burrata mozzerella cheese

4-5 cups wild arugula

1/2 cup torn basil

1/2 cup of your best olive oil

Sea salt and fresh pepper

Place the arugula on the bottom a platter or large plate. Next add the sliced tomatoes, top with the Burrata and the bsail. Pour the olive oil over everything and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.