Mateo's been watching me with a camera glued to my hip for some time now, so I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise when he began to express some interest in wanting taking his own photos. So I handed him our Lomo; it's a small, low-tech, old-school Russian camera that takes very unique photos since its shutter will stay open as long as it needs to get enough light. Which, if you're four years old means most of your pics will be pretty blurry. But no matter. We talked a little about framing–I cut out a paper frame and had him put it over some things he wanted to take a picture of. But he really required very little instruction from me. I would love for him to become my little co-conspirator on the photo front, it would be such sweet company. To be continued….



brother Neek

mama's bedroom

Nico & Claudia

waiting for Wall-E

Neek & Nana