This 12-hour stomach bug both of the kids got this week meant that even though it was short lived and they got back on their feet very quickly, they were still required to stay home from school for a day. This was not a good week for them to get sick, with me scheduled for sinus surgery and all. But with the will of the Universe not in our control, and with my always low platelet count too low for surgery, and a sneaky bug that weaseled it's way into my children's bellies, perhaps it all turned out as it was destined. After my three-day hiatus from mamahood, I suppose I was due for some one-on-one time with my boys. And what a great time we had.

Nico and I had our picnic, and Mateo and I got our nature fix with a hike through Temescal Canyon. It is always such a joy to watch my kids transform when they're outside of their city confines. It's one of the few places I feel like I'm not hurrying them to the next thing. I let them take their time, and if it means watching Mateo beat a bush with a stick for 5 minutes, then I let him. I let him chose the trail, when to take a snack break, and when he's ready to go back to the car. This day there were lots of questions about trees and roots and bee stingers. Mateo was amazed that a bee could still sting you even if it was dead. "But how can he sting you Mama? Didn't the poison got up to heaven with him?" It was a great day.