It has become a tradition to turn my kitchen into a full-on bakery around Christmas, as we prepare to give away boxes and boxes of cookies to our family and friends. I actually do get excited about researching new ideas and then trying to balance tastes and textures while also challenging myself in the execution. Four years ago I started out with just two different recipes and I’ve grown it to include five or six (as it was last year, and which I concluded was a little too much to handle in the few days I have to get it all done and shipped while they’re still fresh). 

So now I’m in the throes of it again, and I’ve got five pretty incredible recipes I’m dealing with. I was hesitant to share and spoil the surprise for the friends and family who will receive these, so I think I’ll just share the two that I’ve just finished. The last three will stay underwraps until after Christmas. 🙂


Gingerbread Blondies w/ White Chocolate


And by special request by Matt, and one that I know my mom will love: Lemon Shortbread Bars