Silent night! Is it really that time of year already? It feels really trite to write, but it really does seem like all this came upon us way too fast. Didn't we walk with the kids to the corner Christmas tree lot, pick out a nice looking Noble and carry it home by the trunk last week? I guess not. I guess it really was 365 (or so) days ago. Crazy.

So ready or not the mad rush begins. Right now we are all in list mode. Mateo decided to make a list for Santa last night. In case you can't read it 🙂 , it says:


Bot (boat)

HleKt (helicopter)

A farm (??)

A bee (???)

Optimus Prime (he got a little help with that one)

–Hopefully we can deliver.

Nico wanted to put off his list until another time. "Nico," I told him, "Time's runnin' out!" "Yeah Mama, I know," he answered with a sigh. Okay little man. 

I've begun investigating to see what I'm in the mood to bake this year. I've got about 42 ideas. So far. 

As those pesky Black Eyed Peas sing, "Let's get it started!"