We are in the midst of a Lego obsession. There cannot be enough Legos. Specifically Lego men. Oh, the Lego men! These inch-high plastic creatures who are often without hair or hats are collected around here as though they were gold. They've been pilfered from school (where there is more Lego mania) by a certain 5-year-old son of mine whose name begins with an M, and promptly returned to school several times.  They ride motorcycles, they fight fires, they swim with sharks, they eat cheeseburgers (??), they walk in hot lava. Apparently they can do anything with their devious facial expressions. We've made houses for them, castles for them, tunnels and towns for them with windy roads, a jail, and a forest. Apparently even our family lives in this town as evidenced above. The serious building, that requires a 20-page instruction booklet, still requires some parental attention, but I am amazed at how these little men and little blocks are coaxing out some creative fire in my dear Mateo. And Nico, as is his way, just wants anything with wheels.