Where does time go, I ask? With my last post over a week ago, I feel like I've been neglecting my space here. No real reason either, other than the busy–ness of my life and trying to document something and not ending up completing it, which makes me not want to post it. That photo of the cinnamon rolls I made is a good example. Nice shot of the dough, but where's the money shot? Nowhere. It will just live in my memory, I guess.

I've been embracing change lately, maybe as a way out of the seasonal funk I sometimes get into (yes, even here in sunny LA.) I've stopped straightening my hair, I've been pushing myself to learn new things, to change up my routine, to begin to think a little more than the moment that's right in front of me. Funny, not long ago, I would have written how I needed to stop thinking so much about the future and more about the present moment. Well, whateva. 

Mateo may have been thinking the same thing when he came to me one day after school and said he wanted a haircut. Okay, that's weird, I thought. I've never heard those words come out of his mouth. "You want a trim or something?" I asked. "No," he said, "I want it all off." and then, "And I want them to put a Z on the side. Z for Zoro." Well okay then. 

So we went to the barbershop, and I watched with a little bit of joy as the stylist pulled out the clippers and all his curls went buzzing to the floor. There seemed like hundreds of hairy little C's piled up under his chair. There was almost a crowd of women around him either saying, 'Wow, you look so handsome!" or "Wow, what happened to all your beautiful curls?" It was a funny scene I wish I had a picture of (which serves as yet another example of my recent lameness in documenting.) 

Anyway, he loves, loves, loves his new cut, and I have noticed a little shift in his attitude. He walks a little more deliberately, and he certainly seems to hold his head up more. To watch how something so simple as a haircut make such a difference to my little boy was enough to lift me up. What change is next to come?