Even with only two children, it's sometimes hard to carve out one-on-one time, especially during the week when there's always homework, or playdates, or some after-school activity that slurps up our late afternoons.

Nico had been asking for a "date" with his mama for a while now, and specifically one where we could go to the pier and get veggie corn dogs and lemonades from Hot Dog on a Stick. 

So yesterday, on an unseasonably warm winter afternoon (even for LA), and Mateo off with a friend, we found ourselves alone together with an hour to kill before his swim class. It was the perfect time to head down to the pier where it felt almost like a ripe summer day. 

The corn dogs and lemonades were perfect. And to be able to sit on a wall with my little boy, watch him savor his treats, talk about his day, watch the Cirque du Soleil tent go up and the volleyball players against the ocean, why I could have stayed for hours. 

But life keeps moving and so did we onto the next thing. But not before a promise to come back before it's officially summer. It's one I'll have no problem keeping.