For some reason I've been shy in sharing that we are expecting another little one around here this Spring. This time around, it felt safer to me to keep the news close to home for as long as possible, waiting to let the world know until we just couldn't "hide" it any longer. Perhaps it was the miscarriage that took place before this little one, perhaps I'm more of a private person than I care to admit. But once the news was out, it was just that. And we reveled in the love and well wishes that came our way. Telling the boys was perhaps one of the sweetest moments I'll ever remember. I hadn't any idea how they would react, but it was a perfect memory of watching their faces fill with joy and excitement. 

Another change this time around is that we don't know what the gender is. I wish I had a better reason other than just wanting to be surprised. It's amazed me how many people tell me they don't know how I can wait that long, how they would be crazy with curiousity after having two boys. Don't I want to know as soon as possible if it's a girl? Of course part of me does. Some days I think I really know, other days I really don't. But there is something about embracing the mystery of it, the mystery that is life, of teaching myself to be trusting and in a space of opening my heart to whatever it ends up being. And in someways I only think that's possible by waiting until that extraordinary moment when all the speculations and predictions go out the window and you're greeted by a percious new soul who will be adored regardless. 

Until then, I've been knitting a few things that can go either way, namely baby blankets. I just finished the one above, based upon this pattern that I greatly adapted with a different size and yarn. I do love to imagine wrapping it around this little one. And the crazy thing is, sooner than later I will be blessed to have that chance.