It's still hard for me to consider myself a real knitter.

Despite the fact that I first learned a few years ago, it's still an activity that kinda scares me. There are so many styles, so many techniques to learn, so many many many ways to make a mistake. It's a lot like life that knitting. It requires patience, focus, attentiveness, a slow, but steady pace. Rush it and mistakes happen. Letting your mind wander too far away and mistakes happen. And if you have any sort of perfectionistic nature as I do, you will start something, make a mistake, rip it out, start it again, make a mistake, rip it out and start again more times than you can stand. If you leave a mistake in there, it's all you can see once it's done. Trust me. But when something's finished and it comes off those needles, man is it satisfying. It's what keeps me coming back for more.

While I'm still getting my knitting legs, I've managed to finish a few projects that are actually useful and one that is simply very nice to look at. All were basic patterns that didn't take too long to finish. 


Everyone needs a hat in winter. And a baby needs a blanket.




A scarf-loving mama needs something to keep her neck warm.




And while not exactly knitting, more weaving perhaps, this is a very cool project found on one of my favorite blogs 3191 Miles Apart. I just love how unique it is. It's made me look out for lots more y-shaped branches. I think they would also make a lovely, unexpected gift for someone special.


Happy Friday!

Hat pattern: Purl Bee

Cowl pattern: Quince & Co.

Branch weaving: 3191 Miles Apart