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…never ceases to amaze me. Number 3. I had in mind something entirely different for this week's post, but I felt I just had to give Jude a little shout out. There are many, many things about this boy that we've all fallen for: how often he smiles, how he shakes with excitement when he sees someone he loves, how he sometimes says "uh oh" when something falls, how he sings himself to sleep, and claps for himself when he thinks he's done something well. I could keep going. But this week, it's his patience. I never knew an 11-month old baby could sit in a parked stroller, as he did in the picture above, for almost 4 hours while his mother worked on our school garden. And do it again for almost the same amount of time the next day. He got out for a few minutes here and there, but with kids running everywhere and a ground just a touch too dirty to be crawled on, well, it was stroller time. But never once did he make a real fuss, or even legitimately complain. He just sat and watched, munched on some baby munchies, and found himself entertained by lots of adoring elementary school girls. I kept looking over and imagined him thinking, "what do these girls want from me?!" 

Anyway, I'm hopeful this little love bubble won't burst anytime soon, even once he starts walking in a few months (wink, wink). I just know that he knows how to keep his mama's heart strung.