I love finding time you didn't think you had, to do something really special. Sometimes, not very often, one of my boys and I will find ourselves alone together for a few hours. We'll ask each other what the other wants to do and a plan usually comes together pretty quickly. In this case, it was simply a suggestion on my part to head to LACMA and check out what I promised would be a "very cool exhibit with lots of holograms and lights." Mateo took me up on it. So off we dashed with our eyes on the clock and three hours to spare.

The James Turrell exhibit did not disappoint. I think it blew Mateo's mind a little bit. At one point we stood in a huge white room bathed in intense colors that morphed into other colors and we laughed as we watched each other's teeth and eyes turn from green to brown to red. I don't think he'll forget it. I so wish I could have photographed it, but there's a small sense of it below.

It's what we shoot for in these little "dates" as my boys like to call them. A chance to break through the noise of siblings and friends. A chance to reconnect, create experiences and discover each other even more.