Yikes. Where’s the time going? It’s clearly moving too fast for me, and it’s been hard to keep up. With work and kid activities and all that I try to cram in for the Holidays, I feel as though I’ve been traveling in one big circle, on to one thing, then the next and the next and then start all over again. I love this time of year, and the creativity and giving it allows, but man, it’s a lot.







DSC_3928 2




It was great then to be able to escape with some friends to Death Valley for a couple of days. I love a desert landscape, and this is desert at its extreme. It’s like being on another planet. There were powdery soft sand dunes over 80 feet high that the kids conquered and exhausted themselves on. There was a full moon that illuminated the desert like a flashlight beaming down. There was wine, some not so good food, and lots of laughs.

I left feeling a little more centered, and able to hold on to what I tell myself each December: Just hold on, smile and emrace the maddness.