Spring must be here. Each time it blooms, it seems to bring a healthy dose of sniffles and allergies to the house. The illnesses the kids bring home don’t usually affect me, but if it’s the beginning of spring–it does. Jude and I seemed to catch it at the same time last week, so we spent a sick day at home together. I have to say we both really enjoyed it despite the epic nose wiping. We read, we sang, we watched a little public television, we napped.

And we drank tea. Anytime the kids (or me) are sick, a thermos of hot lemon-ginger-garlic-raw honey tea appears and for good reason. The lemon is alkalizing which helps restore the body’s ph. It’s also rich in vitamin C and helps detoxify the liver. The ginger is anti-viral and aids nose and chest congestion, the garlic helps boost the body’s immune system, and the raw honey contains loads of natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (we like this) and it gives sweetness. A little sweetness is always welcome when recovering.




Lemon-ginger-garlic-raw honey tea

One thick slice of lemon

1 garlic clove smashed

1-inch piece of ginger sliced into coins

1 teaspoon raw, unfiltered honey

Add hot water, allow to steep for a few minutes and enjoy. I wouldn’t consider this a recipe really, more a guide. You can make it as lemony, garlicky, or gingery as you’d like.